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“I am amazed with the response that I’ve gotten from this video posting! I have reached 1,368 people, approximately a 1700% increase, and gotten 449 views!” -Michael Ludwig, CPA, CFP  ludwigwealthmanagement.com

Snap!-Web-Video-faviconSnap! Web Video’s Four Easy Steps To Great Video

We Get To Know You

We sit down with you and discuss the way you want your business to grow or change, and how video can help you get there.  Then we discuss the types of video that would be right for you, such as testimonials, tips and tricks, skills demo, or intro video.  Or all of ’em!

Together, We Sculpt the Content

Once we know the types of videos you want, we work on what will be IN the videos.  If you are doing an interview, what are the questions? If you are doing a demonstration, what and where are we doing it? Do we need a script? You get the idea.

We Shoot the Videos

Some people think shooting the video is the scariest part, but we make it fun and easy. You get to be a star for a day, and we make you look and sound good. We aren’t going to let you make a video you’re not proud of, so you can relax and enjoy the big day.

We Edit and Deliver the Videos

We take the footage and edit out the “uhs” and “mmms”, add graphics and music, then send it to you for review. You give us feedback, we make the changes and VOILÀ, you have an excellent set of professional videos you can use to build connections with people.

Ready To Get Started or Have a Question?

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What Clients Say

"I am amazed with the response that I've gotten from this video posting! I have reached 1,368 people, which is approximately a 1700% increase, and gotten 449 views!  I'm so glad I decided to make these videos." -Michael Ludwig, CPA, CFP  www.ludwigwealthmanagement.com

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