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Want To Know Where Your Clients Are?

When you think of search engines, do you consider YouTube? It’s the second largest search engine after Google.  In fact, it’s bigger than Bing!, Yahoo, AOL and Ask combined. And get this: 68% of YouTube watchers use YouTube to help make a purchase decision. This week,...

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Are You the Master of Your Face?

I recently took a 3-month hiatus from my business to produce political commercials in Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. Some of the candidates had never been on camera before, and suddenly they had to say things that made them uncomfortable. While they were able...

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What Is a Thumbnail and Why Does It Matter?

In the web video world, a thumbnail is the image that you click on to play a video, like the ones you see on YouTube. You probably have never thought about that image, but if you are making videos, it's time to start. Whenever a video is posted onto any site on the...

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What Clients Say

"Oh Wow! I love the video! I think you really nailed what we were looking for." -Jamie Bushman, The Circle Salon