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What’s Wrong With These Outfits?

  Ok, ignore the face. When we shot this wardrobe test, I clearly didn’t realize I’d be sharing it with colleagues. However, as I later prepared clients for their shoots, I realized that seeing a wardrobe test would be helpful. Hence this article. Let me take you...

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Use Web Video to Get Speaking Gigs

These days, speaking engagements abound.  With webinars, slide shares, video and podcasts, the opportunities are much greater than before. Many of us consider ourselves speakers, or are in the process of developing our signature presentation. If I was booking a...

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What Clients Say

"I am amazed with the response that I've gotten from this video posting! I have reached 1,368 people, which is approximately a 1700% increase, and gotten 449 views!  I'm so glad I decided to make these videos." -Michael Ludwig, CPA, CFP