Karen Covy is a divorce mediator, lawyer, coach and educator.  She practices divorce mediation in Chicago, Illinois, but reaches a national audience looking for advice on divorce through her website karencovy.com and her youtube channel. Her book, When Happily Ever After Ends is available here. Karen is not a Snap! client.  I met her after she had done her videos. I was so impressed with them that I asked if I could feature her in my newsletter.

You’ve heard that If you establish yourself as an expert, it will bring business.  It’s true, and If you want to see what that looks like, meet Karen Covy. Karen started as a divorce lawyer twenty-some years ago in Chicago. But her real passion is educating people about divorce and how to do it right. “I noticed a huge gap in people’s knowledge.  The quality of your divorce and your life after divorce depends on how you begin the process.  Some people choose the wrong attorney or don’t use one at all.  I wanted to provide answers for those people too.”
Although she has a book and writes a blog, Karen decided to use video for her educational materials to reach those who learn best by watching, versus reading or listening.  On her website, she has a free video called “The First 5 Things You Need to Do When Facing Divorce”.   On her YouTube channel, she has 19 videos, most of which she made herself, covering topics from “How Do I Know if I Should Get a Divorce” to “Creating a Parenting Schedule”.  “On the internet and now with Facebook Live, people expect you to have video. And YouTube is the second largest search engine and I wanted people to find me there.”
When I asked her how she got started doing her own videos, she told me, “3 years ago, I did my own video and it was horrendous! I was babbling, the lighting was bad, you could barely hear me, there were people walking behind me, it was terrible!”  But she didn’t give up.  She hired a team of professionals and did three videos for her website. “I wanted to make the site more interesting and a better experience for the viewer. I also wanted to differentiate myself from other divorce lawyers, and I wanted to increase my SEO ranking (this is the way google determines where you land in the search results when people search for “divorce lawyer Chicago”).  Google wants to see people spend time on your site, and if you have video, people spend more time.”
Karen wanted to continue making videos, but couldn’t hire a pro every time, so she got training on how to shoot and edit, and also on how to be good on-camera.  Then she bought the gear she needed and set up a mini studio in her basement. Her YouTube videos are exactly what they should be-short, informative, and available at 2AM if needed.  “I was scared I would look stupid, but I just did it.  You have to get over yourself because no one is expecting Angelina Jolie, especially in a how-to video. But make sure you start with a professional for your first ones.”
Karen dreams of being “The Tony Robbins of Divorce”, although with a more educational slant. She’s off to a good start.  Her coaching business grew organically from people around the US wanting to work with her as a divorce lawyer. “I can’t give them legal advice outside of Illinois, but I can be their coach.  Most advice is emotional rather than legal anyway.”  When media outlets are looking for an expert on divorce or a group is looking for a speaker, they can confidently hire Karen because they’ve seen her videos and knows she speaks well.  “My business has grown steadily over the last three years, and three years ago is when I did my first videos.”
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Kelly Luchtman is the Executive Producer at Snap! Web Video. Snap! produces professional videos for businesses, and features a comprehensive preparation program for clients who are new to video.