Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide what my video should be about?

In your first meeting, Snap!’s Executive Producer Kelly Luchtman will ask you a series of questions designed to uncover video topics that would create the most impact.

What should I say in my video?

You will only have to talk about what you already know. Snap!’s Executive Producer Kelly Luchtman will help you develop your content. If you do an interview-style video, she will help you design questions. If you do a direct-to-camera pitch, she will help you edit your script. If you are doing a Tips or Tricks video, she will walk you through what you should say and do while on camera.

I’ve never written a script. Can I get some help?

Certainly! If you would like more than the ½ hour of content development time allotted, Kelly will be happy to work with you at an additional hourly rate. She has written a lot of scripts!

What if I’m nervous about being in front of the camera?

That is completely normal. The friendly Snap! Crew will work with you on the shoot day to get you comfortable on-camera. Before the shoot day, Snap! will give you some exercises to prepare you for the experience.

We will also provide you with wardrobe tips that will be most flattering for you, and we can help you hire a professional hair and makeup person for the shoot day. We want you to look good and feel confident!

I’m afraid I’ll look silly.

The Snap! team will not let you look silly. We have your back! We will make sure you look and sound confident and smart. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how smart and professional they appear on video.

How many changes can I make to the video once it’s edited?

You will have at least 1, and up to 2 chances to make changes to the video. After the shoot, we will edit together the good takes and put in simple graphics and music. You will have a chance to make changes to that cut. If need be, you can give feedback on the next cut as well. The third cut will be final.

What do you mean by “graphics”?

We will provide an opening title screen if required, a name key, and other supporting graphics to make the video look professional. We will customize it with your logo, fonts and colors.

Where do you get the music?

We have a selection of free music in our library that spans several styles. If you want to select your own music, we can give you suggestions on where to buy it. Purchased music is not included in the price of the video; only the free music is included.

What do I do with my video when it’s done?

You put it on the web, either on your web site or in your social media feeds. We will give it to you in a format that is ready to be uploaded onto YouTube or Vimeo. We can also give it to you in a format that can be uploaded directly to your webpage. Whoever maintains your website will know what format it should be in. We can communicate directly with that person if need be.

How do I get started?

The first step is to contact Kelly Luchtman, Snap!’s Executive Producer, and set up a meeting. In that meeting you and Kelly will ascertain what types of videos you want, and what topics you will cover. Simple!