We help you land clients with high quality web video

Snap! Web Video Walks You Step-by-Step Through the Video Process

All of Our Packages Include These Unbeatable Benefits:

Content Creation

If you aren’t sure what to say in a video, don’t worry! You don’t have to know that in order to get started. Through phone consultation and a unique questionnaire, Snap! will help you decide what videos you should do.

Script Development

Many people worry that they will stammer, stumble or wander when they are on-camera.  That’s why we help you write a script that will keep you concise.  A script also helps you to remember everything you want to say in the video

Shoot Preparation

Before your shoot, we provide you with criteria for selecting the correct wardrobe that will be most flattering on-camera. We also give you a list of performance exercises that will make you more comfortable on-camera.

The Shoot

Our crew has decades of experience, and we are known for making the shoot day fun and easy.  We use the highest quality professional equipment, so you can be assured that you will look and sound like an expert in your videos.

One-Week Edit

We guarantee a one-week edit for your first 3 videos.  Each edit includes music as well as simple text graphics with your logo.  We provide one round of revisions and a proofing round of the final cut for each video.

Finished Videos

Your videos will be delivered in .mp4 format, compressed to the highest quality that still maintains a reasonable file size so you can easily upload the videos to your web site or social media feeds.

Custom Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the picture that people click on to start your video. A custom thumbnail assures that your video looks polished, so people will want to click on it.

Bonus Headshot

If you need a head shot for your website, linked in or social media accounts, we will take them for you while you are all dolled up and well-lit for your video shoot.

Starter Package

2 hours of shoot time

Up to 3 finished videos

30 min content consult

30 min script editing


Studio or Location shoot



All-Day Package

6 hours of shoot time

Up to 6 finished videos

1 hour content consult

1 hour script editing


up to 2 locations



Custom Package

Need more shoot time?

Need more videos?

Need help coordinating?

Need scripts?

Need 2 or 3 cameras?

Need several locations?


Quoted on Request

Ready To Get Started, or Have a Question?

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What Clients Say

"The outcome was worth every penny. I couldn’t have asked for a better representation of what I try to give to each of my clients.  I still watch it every once in awhile as a reminder of why I got into this business and what I have to offer."


-Nora Kerr memoirforme.com