What We Do

We produce high quality promotional web videos for individual professionals, small businesses or solopreneurs.  Our team helps you decide which types of videos will make the most impact on your business, then we work with you to develop the content for them.  When you are ready, we shoot the videos and edit them within 1 week of the shoot.  See our FAQ for more information about the process.

The Advantages of Working with Snap!

We make it EASY.  We know you are busy, and that web video is one of those “extra” projects, so we work swiftly to help you pick your video type, clarify your message, get the videos done and check it off your list.

Content Support.  We don’t expect you to know what to say in your video. We work with you to craft your message and make it camera ready with content brainstorming and script editing.

Our experience with real people.  We have filmed real people, versus actors, for decades, and we understand your worries and insecurities, so we proactively take steps to minimize them ahead of the shoot.

It will be fun! Our shoots are friendly, and you get treated like a star for a day.  You’ll walk away having gained a new experience and feeling confident about your own expertise.

Types of Video

There are basically 5 types of promotional videos.

  1. The Opt-In-Introduce a product or service that you offer
  2. The Overview-explain your services; show off your location
  3. The Tip-Give out small nuggets of valuable information
  4. The Demonstration-Show your skills or demonstrate a product
  5. The Testimonial-Happy clients explain why you are great

Depending on what you do, you may need more than 1 of these videos. Also, where you are in your career will determine which videos you need. For example, if you are established in your field, you may do a Pitch video to promote yourself as a speaker or expert.   If your business is location specific, like a fitness center, you will want an Overview video so clients can get a feel for the place, including employees. We produce all of these types of videos (and more.)


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What Clients Say

"Kelly walked me through the whole process from helping me write and edit my copy to what to wear for the video shoot.  She made the process easy and fun and I love the final product!"  -Lisa Kaplin, Psy.D., CPC, Smartwomeninspiredlives.com