Everywhere you look, someone is telling you that you need video content, which is easy to say, but overwhelming to do. Here is a list of the 5 videos that will make the biggest impact on your business, in order of importance.


  1. The Intro Video-This 1-2 minute video will live on your home page, giving viewers an overview of your business, and making them feel good about you. Boiling down everything you do into 2 minutes can be tough, but remember, details are for written pieces, not videos. This video is crucial, because it could be a deciding factor on whether or not a client wants to work with you.
  1. The Demo Video-This video is for professionals who are selling a product or service that is better explained via video than text. For example, if you are a hair salon who wants to show off your skills using before/after videos, or a Pilates instructor who wants to show the difference between a mat and a reformer class, this type of video is for you.
  1. The Sales Page Video-This video is a pitch that is designed for a specific product or service. For instance, maybe you are a business coach offering a webinar on “The 5 Fastest Ways to Get New Clients”. You will want a video on the sign-up page that explains what people will learn if they watch the webinar.
  1. Testimonials-These are also known as “success stories” or “client stories”. They should be no longer than 90 seconds, unless they are really compelling and have more footage than just a talking head.
  1. Social Media Video-These 6-30-second videos are for sharing on your social media feeds. For most businesses and professionals, these will be “tips and tricks” videos, but they could also be updates on business developments, or interviews with experts in your field. For example, if you are an wardrobe stylist, you may interview Tim Gunn on this season’s fashion trends.

There are other types of videos- training videos, profiles of staff- but these are the basic 5 that will keep your current clients engaged, and draw new clients to you.