Speaker Podium Photo

These days, speaking engagements abound.  With webinars, slide shares, video and podcasts, the opportunities are much greater than before. Many of us consider ourselves speakers, or are in the process of developing our signature presentation.

If I was booking a speaker that I didn’t know personally, I’d want to see them in action before I hire them.  You may have written a great book or have a fantastic blog, but how do I know you don’t have a nervous stammer when you speak? Or look down instead of at the audience? A video will tell me that.  A video will tell me that you are polished and engaging. Heck, a video may convince me that I need to hire you even though your topic isn’t what I usually look for.

There are two ways you can use video to promote yourself as a speaker.  One is to videotape your presentation.  If you are going to do that, make sure it’s done well, meaning, have good clear audio and try to get shots of you close up and far away, like this. Some speakers bring their own camera crew to capture better footage than the venue provides. If you don’t have footage of you in action, you can make a video where you talk directly to camera and explain what your topic is, who your audience is, and how effective your presentation is. This is a great way to show your sparkle. Here is an example.

If you are on the fence about using video to promote yourself as a speaker, think about this: your competitor is doing it.  And all things being equal, bookers will hire someone that they’ve seen on video over a someone they haven’t.  So if you are ready to get more and better speaking gigs, Snap! Web Video can help.  Contact us to get started.