One of the questions about using video to promote your business is when to hire a professional versus doing it yourself. Here is a good benchmark: If you are using the video to make a first impression or to sell a product or service, you need a professional. First impression videos would be homepage videos, introductory videos, testimonial videos-anything that might be the first interaction a potential client has with you. You also want to hire a professional to do your opt-in videos, your product or service demos, speaker promos, or any kind of sales pitch. Another way to look at this is, if the typical viewer is familiar with you but hasn’t bought anything from you yet, you need a professional video crew, in order to put your best foot forward.

But for videos that are going to your “people”, i.e. your list of clients who already know and value you, DIY is good. This category would be social media videos, email blasts or blog videos; any video that is timely and relevant to your list. In this category, DIY videos appear to be more “authentic” to viewers, and they love seeing the real you.

Let’s look at some examples.

  1. You are a career coach, and you are doing a free giveaway video called “The 3 Job Interview Questions You Should Prepare For”. It lives on your homepage, and viewers have to give their email address in exchange for access to the video. DIY or PRO? PRO. This could be the first time they see or interact with you, and you ultimately want to sell them your hourly coaching services, so you need this video to look GOOD.
  2. You are a marketing consultant, and you just saw a cool example of branding at a trade show. You want to tell your people about it, to show that you are on top of the trends. DIY or PRO? DIY. Do a quick selfie video and post it on Twitter before the OTHER marketing consultants do.
  3. You are a chiropractor, and you have a cool spine-stretching machine that you want to demo. DIY or PRO? PRO. This machine may be the difference that brings clients to your practice. You want the demo to have good lighting, good audio and good editing. You want to sound polished, and show the machine from several different angles. You need a professional crew.

I hope this article has cleared up the question of when to go pro with video. If you have any questions, or great examples of DIY videos, share them here.