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When you think of search engines, do you consider YouTube? It’s the second largest search engine after Google.  In fact, it’s bigger than Bing!, Yahoo, AOL and Ask combined. And get this: 68% of YouTube watchers use YouTube to help make a purchase decision.

This week, YouTube (owned by Google) released a report that sent video marketing experts into a tizzy.  The assumption has long been that adults over 35 can be found on Facebook, while millennials own YouTube. Turns out, that’s not so true anymore.

According to this report:

  • From 2015-1016, adults 55 and older tripled the amount of time spent on YouTube.
  • The segment “adults 35 and older” grew 40% faster than adults overall.
  • Another surprise: More than 50% of YouTube watchers are women.
  • Compared to the general population, YouTube watchers tend to have college degrees and are more likely to have kids.
  • One of the top 4 reasons they cite for watching YouTube is “how-to” videos.

What does this mean?  For many of you, THESE ARE YOUR CLIENTS!

Your clients are searching on YouTube for videos about the very products and services that you provide. Some aren’t even bothering to go to Google. The fact that the demographics of YouTube are changing indicates an evolution in the content found there. Before, I thought YouTube was for hipsters or kids, so I used to go to there when someone told me to look up a silly clip, like “talking dog bacon”.  I never thought to search for answers on YouTube. But now I do, and man, there is a video for everything!  Topics that you would normally read about, such as “what are the new 2016 tax laws?”, are featured in several videos.

This report is another nudge down the path toward having a video strategy. At Snap! Web Video, creating our YouTube channel just bumped to the top of the list, and I hope you are considering making videos, whether DIY or professionally, in 2017 as well.