You’ve heard how important video is for marketing. You’ve heard the statistics about how much longer people engage with video than print. And you may be thinking, “Yeah, yeah, but what would I SAY on video?” Not knowing what to say is the most common barrier to jumping on the video bandwagon.

First, let me assure you that you DO have something to say that people want or need to hear. We get so bogged down in our work that we don’t realize how much we actually know.  If you find yourself saying “I can’t believe people are still doing (or not doing) that!”, or “God, if they only knew X, they would never do Y,” (Think: Prince dying without a will) there is your content.

But that is only part 1. The second hurdle is the fear of looking silly.  “What if I put a video out there and I miss a key point?  What can I say that isn’t already out there? Who am I to present myself as an expert?” To that fear I say, “Look around”.  There are people just like you who put out videos featuring themselves as experts on a subject.  Often they feature the same content as others, but present it slightly differently.  If you don’t believe me, look into the coaching industry.  Lots of gurus, similar content, a million different tag lines.  We all have competitors, and we all have something different to offer customers. Time to shout it from the rooftops.

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving people an “a-ha!” moment. From the viewer’s point of view, if they learn something from your video, you are immediately the expert in their mind.  They won’t forget you, and when the time comes, they will most likely want to work with you. And THAT’S why video is important for your marketing strategy.